Factors Affecting Consumer Satisfaction and Customer Loyalty in Online Shopping

  • Tayyaba Shazadi PhD Scholar, Department of Business Administration, University of Sialkot, Sialkot, Pakistan.
Keywords: Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, Online Shopping.


Purpose –This study is based on the context of online shopping concerning customer satisfaction that leads to customer loyalty. The success of every online business matters on the adoption of the right drivers that impact the post-purchase factors, purchasing factors that leads to re-purchase factors i.e customer loyalty.

Design/methodology/approach – The total population of online shopping was unknown so a convenient sampling technique within Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan was done. This research study examines different factors of online shopping individually (i.e Security, Mode of payment, time, price, information availability, quality, website design) concerning customer satisfy action and customer loyalty.

Findings – Results show different factors have different impacts that also include insignificant results. Findings have a positive significant relation to customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. 

Practical implications – This research provides clear direction to customers about different factors of online shopping. As well as it gives managers a road map to provide the specific services in context with an online business to customers that will retain the customer satisfied and loyal.