A Study of the Relationship Between Learning Culture and Knowledge Application: Examining the Role of Servant Leadership

  • Ali Azam Registrar’s Secretariat , Principal Seat, COMSATS University Islamabad
  • Imran Ghafoor Chaudhary Coordinator Planning, COMSATS Internet Services
Keywords: Learning Culture(LC), Servant Leadership(SL), Knowledge Application(KA).


Purpose: The study aim to focus the impact of learning culture (LC) and knowledge application (KA) with mediating role of Servant leadership (SL), by this relation we can analysis that how much this relation impact on university culture and teachers in knowledge application, this study focus on servant leadership as it is appropriate for the learning institute (Hameiri, 2016) this type of model will be helpful at university level as knowledge applied by the researchers to improve the organization climate, (Mei Kin, 2018) learning enviournment, learning process and administrative process. Servant leadership style is quite different from other styles of leadership with its strong dimensions such as empowering, motivating, delegation of power, carrier growth, humanities, providing clear direction to the followers for the growth of the organization.

Design/methodology/approach: The quantitative technique have been used and total 270 responds have been taken form 18 public sector universities situated in Islamabad and Rawalpindi the list of the universities mentioned in Annexure 1. The questionnaire was designed to study the response from university administrative supervisors and teachers.

Findings: The analysis proof that there is a positive relationship between learning culture and knowledge application with the mediating effect of servant leadership. It is also worth mentioned that in servant leadership style as a mediator is helpful for enchasing the learning culture and effective use of knowledge application specially in learning institute/universities to increase the knowledge sharing, crating strong learning culture and for the effective use of knowledge application.

Originality: This study has focuses and highlighted the importance of enhancing learning culture and knowledge application especially in education management sector.