Job Design and Sustainability: Exploring Uncharted Link through Literature

  • Hareem Siddiqui Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Institute of Science & Technology
  • Ghazal Khwaja Hummayun University of Karachi
  • Hina Mubeen NED University of Engineering & Technology
Keywords: Job design, Sustainability, Decent work, Sustainability in job design


The International Labor Organization’s (ILO) decent work agenda reflects the sustainable approach for dynamic change in the design of jobs. The purpose of this literature survey is to examine the job design literature through the lens of sustainability for its evolution as decent work or sustainable job with human, ecological and societal compatibility for its pertinent effects benefitting all stakeholders involved in the business. This paper presents the synthesis of literature by reviewing theoretical development in job design, through the research articles published between the years 2000 till 2021, and explicate the argument of integrating sustainability as a foundation for contemporary job design approach. The literature review highlights gaps in literature for theoretical integration of sustainability into contemporary job design models and offers guidelines for ideological transformation through policy interventions at organizational and national levels.