The Socio-Economic Impact of Tourism in Azad Kashmir

  • Kiran Sohrab MPhil Scholar, Department of Economics, NUML, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Saif Ul Mujahid Shah Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, University of Chitral, Chitral, Pakistan.
Keywords: Tourism, Kashmir, Poonch, Employment, Education, Income


Purpose-Tourism plays an important role in the welfare of a country like Pakistan. There are many attractive and worth seeing places for tourist in such countries. With the arrival of substantial higher number of tourists, a wide array of local inhabitancy has been benefited from tourism.

Methodology/Approach- As per importance of precise activity of tourism the current study tries to explore the socio-economic development dueto tourism in Poonch District Azad Kashmir by using primary data collected through questionnaire and globally accepted method. To explore outcomes widely, social (employment, tourism inflow and education) and economic (income and consumption expenditure) indicators are taken under consideration. For the analytical purpose STATA are used.

Results- The empirical results of quantitative methods revealed that all the indicators especially tourism inflowplay quite crucial positive role in socio-economic development of residences of Poonch district Azad Kashmir. Therefore, as per policy concern, the federal govt. as well as local govt. take some emergency steps toward the provision of basic necessities as well as facilities for the tourists. So that tourists feel ease in this area and tourism inflow increased that ultimately boost revenue of the residences of Poonch district Azad Kashmir and leads to socioeconomic development.